gemihniHN on gemini4 months
gitiniA gemini server for an overview of git repositories, similar to gitweb for HTTP4 months
multikoerpersimulationA simulation of gravity with multiple bodies using Three.js11 days
nuntioA modern Mail Transfer Agent11 hours
nvimMy neovim configuration5 weeks
open-nnVisualize feed-forward neural networks4 days
personal-gemsiteMy personal webpage on the geminispace4 months
personal-websiteMy personal site on the HTTPspace2 months
techlogMy little log about solutions to tech problems2 months
webslideA tiny framework to write presentations with HTML/CSS/JS.2 months
godot-rust-testA test project to demonstrate the Godot-Rust bindings2 months
guter-lehrerA small website for History class serving as example for a black-box algorythm.4 months
local-scraperA scraper for local.ch2 months
memebotA discord bot that serves memes4 months
whenisthechorusListen to the first seconds of a song and guess when the chorus starts.4 months
install-scriptsVarious scripts for installing common setups. Not supported at all.2 months
minecraft-status-widgetA Matrix widget which shows stats about a Minecraft server.3 months
notify_meA small PoC PWA (that failed).2 months
qciv-clientA game with a quicker but similar mechanic to Civilisation, libGDX client4 months
qciv-serverA game with a quicker but similar mechanic to Civilisation, NodeJS + TS server4 months
webpresentCreate presentations with web technologies2 months